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Your Property Selling List – What to do when you want to sell your home

Property selling can be considered a daunting task to many, but it shouldn’t be seen this way. There are normally so many steps to think about that no one really knows where to start.

One would say “start from the beginning “, but where exactly is the beginning?

With a bit of guidance, your house can be up for sale in no time. All you need to do is take into consideration these 7 aspects for what is needed when you want to sell your home:

1.)    Choose your selling team

2.)    Adjust Your Front Cover

3.)    Make your walls neutral

4.)    Depersonalise & Declutter

5.)    Repair damaged items

6.)    Do some deep Cleaning

7.)    Add ambiance with scent

Intrigued? Read more on these seven tips below;

1. Choose your selling team.

When looking at who you want as your agent, there are many factors that could be taken into consideration.

How long have they been in business? Are they looking out for my best interests? Will they be able to help me with all the legal transactions and transfer documents?

These are very valid points, but COMFORTABLITY should be your focus. If you are comfortable with your selling team, you can communicate better and strive towards a common purpose.

The ability to be honest with your real estate agent will enable both parties to achieve their goals for the Property sale.

      2. Adjust Your Front Cover

Consider taking a drive past your house and look for anything that might not be attractive to potential buyers.

Although everyone says you shouldn’t “judge a book by its cover” without actively thinking about it, most of us do anyway. Take a step back and try to look at your house from an objective point of view, to see what external eyes would see.

The appearance of your house always matters. The statement from the outside is what people will perceive the inside to reflect.

3. Make your walls neutral

Working our way inwards, the next detail you should focus on is your wall colour.

Every house has a personal touch, with walls normally being the first to get a vibrant or edgy change.

It is time to revert such changes to a neutral colour to encourage potential buyers to envision themselves in their new home.

Neutral colours allow the new family to design your house into their home, allowing them to make the necessary changes they see fit in order to make it suitable.

4. Depersonalise and Declutter

With the walls looking brand new, it is time to make the space in your house look as big as you can.

Removing any unnecessary items which may seem to cause clutter within certain areas can make all the difference.

This process enables the flow of the room to invite guests to see your spectacular property.

Depersonalising your living areas emphasizes the point of making a home of their own.

By having no family photos or extravagant paintings, buyers can visualise where their family memories will be placed.

Try placing plants around the house to replace those photo frames, encompassing a more welcoming feel to the new empty space of the different rooms.

5. Repair damaged items

Moving on to repairs. Make sure there are no loose handles, wonky cupboard doors or draws and add a bit of oil to those creaking doors.

It’s time to have everything working in perfect condition.

Buyers do not want to think about the necessary repairs before purchasing.

6. Do some deep Cleaning

Now that the aesthetics are complete, you can move on to tasks that require a bit more elbow grease.

You need to sort out those dirt marks on walls, floors, basins, and baths. Try working out the scratches on the kitchen table.

A little more scrubbing on your next cleaning session can work miracles on the appearance of your home.

Your focus to get you through should be the result.

7. Add ambiance with scent

With everything looking in its best condition, it’s time to do your own little smell check.

Light some scented candles or essence in each room to add a new ambiance to your freshly renovated property.

Invite friends or family over to get an external opinion. Someone who is not used to the way your house used to smell.

Anything you can think of to create a fresh scent to your display.

All that is left to do is to post the ‘For Sale’ sign outside your house and let the magic do its work.