Sell your listed property by making smart decisions 

There’s no doubt about it –successfully selling your home requires smart decisions. You need to start off strong and keep the smart decision-making momentum going throughout the process.

There are many reasons you might want to sell your home but, regardless of the motive behind the sale, the process can be overwhelming. Not only that but selling your home can be emotional. You spend a long time making your house into a home and then one day, you decide to leave that all behind.

It’s the end of a chapter and this is where mistakes often tend to be made – sellers start to make emotional decisions.

However, it is also the beginning of a new chapter and in order for that new chapter to be written the way you desire, you need to factor in clever decisions.

The biggest mistakes made when selling

To facilitate a successful sale, you need to make sure that you’ve done everything necessary and that you’ve done it right. Otherwise, you could increase the number of days your property spends on the market.

You now know that getting emotionally involved is a definite no-no. But what other common mistakes do people make when selling their home?

In our experience, the number 1 mistake that people make when embarking on the selling process is doing so without having reputable advice to guide them through the process.  

There are so many factors to take into consideration and by not knowing the ins and outs of the entire process, you could run into potential problems later on that could hurt your sale. 

The selling process can become tricky and without that guidance, you could easily end up not getting the value that you had in mind.

 The importance of professional guidance

Often times, homeowners contemplate listing their properties themselves in order to reduce costs instead of using a real estate professional.

As tempting as this may seem, it can be misguiding as homeowners will have to see the entire process through from start to finish. This means being accountable for making smart decisions based on their knowledge of real estate, the industry and the current state thereof.

Using a trusted estate agent can not only help make the process far simpler and stress-free but also help sellers get the best value for their homes. The extensive knowledge and experience of a professional agent will also help sellers in:

·         Negotiating

·         Saving time

·         Lowering risk

·         Increasing profit

Although it may seem like an extra cost initially, you need to think of using an agent as an investment. By putting money in, you’re reaping the professional services of someone who has dedicated their life to the craft.

The way forward

Smart decisions start with getting into the correct mindset that doesn’t cloud your judgment. When making the major decision of selling your listed property, it’s best to make sure that you know where you want to go and have a plan to get there.

Below we have listed a few tips that will help you keep the smart decision-making momentum going.

1.      Know your direction

2.      Mentally detach

3.      Repair & replace 

By practicing these tips, you can make the selling process easier and lessen the chance of having emotional involvement knocking on the door.

Know your direction

Sit down and give some thought as to where you plan on heading. Are you planning to upsize? Downsize? Move to a different area completely? Get these things down to a tee, including your affordability.

Narrowing in on your goals and direction will help you to have a better overall idea of where you’re going which will support in approaching the sale of your current home in the right frame of mind.

Mentally detach

Remember that when you’re selling, you will have buyers coming to view your property, trying to envision themselves and their families in your home.

Therefore, you need to let prospective buyers see the full potential of your property. Declutter your home and remove your presence so that the buyer can better see themselves in the space.

Repair & replace

First impressions count the most, right? Flaws and damages have a magnified effect on a buyer’s psyche which immediately lessens their ability to envision themselves happily in the space.

To avoid this happening, get your trusted agent to advise you on things to repair and/or replace.

At the end of the day, selling your listed property can be an emotional, stressful, daunting and overwhelming experience. However, by making smart decisions from start to finish, making use of professional guidance and using the above selling tips, you can look forward to the selling process and who knows, you might end up enjoying it.